Wiz Khalifa Cracks his iPhone Screen

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Wiz is clowing on the tour bus and he throws his iPhone on a bed after messaging a bunch of girls, the iPhone slides off the bed and cracks on the floor. Crazy did not even fall from a big height.

Wiz Khalifa Fights Security at Concert in Canada.

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Wiz khalifa has been involved in an argument with security at a recent concert in Canada basically security guards has a disagreement with something he said then wiz khalifa basically turned the whole crowd against these security guards, good move in my eyes because security guards some times try and act liek they run the […]

Recent Wiz Khalifa shows a sell out

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The good news for Wiz is that most of his shows have been selling out in super fast times, I mean its good news for Wiz Khalifa but its not the bets news for his fans as you guys and girls now have to get tickets early to events becuase the demand has been huge. […]