Top 10 Taylor Gang OR Quotes from and Wiz Khalifa Quote Images!

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1. taylor gang or let charlie sheen mind your crib. 2. Taylor Gang or let Terrorists on your plane. 3. Taylor gang or watch two girls one cup. 4. Taylor Gang or take a drug test with wiz khalifas urine. 5. Taylor Gang or be a rep Rebecca black Friday. 6. Taylor Gang or join […]

Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Gang New Song 2011

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Wiz Khalifa has dropped a new track called “Taylor Gang” at many performances. This new track is already set to be another big track from Wiz Khalifa. For more information on Taylor Gang and who is in it check out the above link.

Wiz Khalifa on Mashable NFL Viral Video

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Wiz Khalifa was featured on the huge site Mashable today in regards to his fame and how big the track black and yellow is getting on youtube. Now with over 24 million hits the video has gone viral. Fans from all over the country are repping wiz khalifa. Wiz khalifa Quotes are all over your […]

Wiz Khalifa – Name On A Cloud Video

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Bill Paladino video for Wiz Khalifa titled “Wiz Khalifa – Name On A Cloud Video” some real sweet flow in this video by Wiz and the video work by bill is top notch. Taylor Gang or die!! Wiz Khalifa – Name On A Cloud / Wassup from Bill Paladino on yelawolf.

Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang Live at The Norva

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Video of Taylor Gang and Wiz Khalifa performing live at the Norva, Wiz drops all his big tracks like – Super high, Black and Yellow, This Plane, In the Cut and many more this just proves how big Taylor Gang and Wiz Khalifa are at the moment. It is a movement and you better join […]