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– Here at Wiz we don’t collect information about our visitor’s email id.
– For visitors on our website Wiz we collect Tracking information about pages that users visit on our site.
– Information that we collect at Wiz used for tracking and internal review, and is then discarded.
– Cookies and or web beacons are being used to collect data in the ad serving process on Wiz
– We may partner with third party advertising or content delivering services to deliver relevant ads or content to our visitors.
– With respect to security, we use industry standard encryption technologies, when transferring and receiving data from visitors on Wiz
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– The reason these companies collect this information is so that they can target advertising that is specific to you.
– DART cookies on this site, Dart are cookies supplied by Google company Double Click what these cookies do are place a cookie on your computer when you see advertising when using Google Adsense which is used on Wiz
– Dart cookies are used to show relevant ads to consumers, we do not want to show consumers the wrong style of advertising.
– We will never sell your information which is supplied to this website via tracking.
– If you have any concerns about the website privacy policy or any problems with content on this site please contact the website admin.
– Website is not connected to Wiz Khalifa in any way.
(we are a 100% fan body promoting Wiz Khalifa based content free of charge)
– If you have any questions about any content on the website posted or User generated content please contact ( we will reply as best possible.

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  1. Alex de Koning
    April 11, 2011

    Hi there, Wiz.. I just thought of something that may make my friend extremely happy. You see, he was hit by a train a few weeks ago, and he was an extremely well loved kid. His favourite song was called Black and Yellow, and I was wondering if there might be a way that you could come do a concert somewhere near Toronto, Kitchener, and/or London to help with the funds for the hospital bill, and the funeral. The family doesn’t have very much money, and it’d be a great honor to have you perform.

    • jamie
      April 12, 2011

      Hi we are a 3rd party, very sorry to hear about your loss.
      Your best chance to contact wiz is via Post to the following address:
      Atlantic Records

      1290 Avenue of the Americas
      New York, NY 10104

      I hope this helps.

      • Cristina
        November 5, 2013

        Hy, My boyfriend is a huuuuge fan of Wiz khalifa, he knows the lyrics of all his songs and I would like to send Wiz a letter to ask him for an autograph. I thought it could be the best birthday present for my bf. Do you know how can I do that? Thank you very much.


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