Wiz Khalifa and Young Jeezy in the Studio in Atlanta

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Big homie Young Jeezy and wiz khalifa are chilling in the video, talking about how wiz khalifa has been a long time fan of jeezys music and how he feels he is doing big things. Wiz khalifa nad young jeezy will have a track out soon. Video below –

Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Stone Magazine Shoot and Rolling Papers March 29th

This is a great video to show Wiz Khalifas photoshoot for the Rolling Stone magazine and Wiz also talks about his up comming album and who he will feature on this album, The current artists Wiz Khalifa will have on the album are: * Too Short * Rick Ross * Snoop Dogg * Curren$y also […]

Happy New Year from Wiz Khalifa

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This is a older video of Wiz Khalifa brining in the new year with a bottle…. How did you bring in the new year and did you bump a Wiz Khalifa Track when 2011 hit?

Wiz Khalifa checks in with Haters on World Star Hip Hop

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For any one who don’t know World Star Hip Hop is a huge website online and Wiz Khalifa has around 100 videos on the site. I have been checking out alot of old Wiz Khalifa content online and noticed that he had a video talking about some haters who has been posted negative content on […]

Wiz Khalifa – Name On A Cloud Video

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Bill Paladino video for Wiz Khalifa titled “Wiz Khalifa – Name On A Cloud Video” some real sweet flow in this video by Wiz and the video work by bill is top notch. Taylor Gang or die!! Wiz Khalifa – Name On A Cloud / Wassup from Bill Paladino on yelawolf.

Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow Music Video

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Wiz Khalifa has recently dropped a new track called – Black And Yellow, this song has hit the airwaves hard with reviews and every thing is positive for the taylor gang boss, This song is soo hot at the moment that it has made it into the hot 100 on the charts wiz khalifa is […]