Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers on Google Trends

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Wiz Khalifa’s album dropped today and already the buzz is going crazy on Twitter, Facebook and all over the blog world. The hype has saw Wiz Khalifa listed on Google Trends under “Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers” as the number 3 search term today crazy! Check out the screen show below –

Wiz Khalifa Day Today Season 3 EP 8 Pittsburgh

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Wiz Khalifa Day Today season 3 EP 8 Pittsburgh with the whole crew and 3 six mafia. Wiz Khalifa does a sound check and chills out. Next episode coming soon, please bookmark out website or like it below –

wiz khalifa real estate Lyrics and Video

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Real Estate by Wiz Khalifa lyrics and video – Here are some of the lyrics from the track – Yall know where it is, if you wanna know my name then you look up and see the gang, not a problem with spending change, got the pedel to the medel when i pull up to […]

Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow hits 40 million Views on Youtube

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Well every one should know the track by now, but a quick update to let you all know that Wiz Khalifa Black and yellow has gone over 40 million hits on Youtube. With other tracks from Wiz Khalifa also brining in big view numbers such as this plane which is close to 20 million hits. […]

Add Wizkhalifa.net on Facebook and Twitter for Exclusive Wiz Khalifa Content

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Facebook and twitter feeds are popping off for Wizkhalifa.net please join them now –

DayToday Season Three episode Seven – Pittsburgh With Taylor Gang

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A new Taylor gang and Wiz Khalifa in Pittsburgh. Wiz and Will and the crew have a big dinner out, they go to the car shop and they also chill in the hotel room for 3 days recording some new material.

What is Taylor Gang and who is in it?

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What is Taylor Gang? Taylor Gang is a group of close friends to Wiz Khalifa, This group of friends go to his shows, chill at his crib and go to partys with him. Who is in Taylor Gang? Well I have made a list of people who are currently in Taylor Gang from mid 2009, […]

Wiz Khalifa- Goodbye and Lyrics GOES HARD

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This is a hot track by Wiz khalifa, Goodbye, it goes hard on the system he puts out some top quality lyrics and the beat is mean. Khalifa is where it is at.

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