Wiz Khalifa does Fly Solo live on stage

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A new track by wiz khalifa fly solo, wiz khalifa and big homie dj bonics smash the stage at summer fest with another wiz khalifa hit fly solo. Some exclusive video from this set can be seen below – what are your thoughts on this track, post below plz

Wiz Khalifa Full Live Set Video Coachella 2011

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Great video of Wiz Khalifa Live at Coachella 2011 Highlights of the video are about 19 minutes in when Wiz Drops Taylor Gang, the Crowd goes crazy. If you have any good Videos from Coachella of Wiz Khalifa please post them below in the comments section –

Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Gang New Song 2011

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Wiz Khalifa has dropped a new track called “Taylor Gang” at many performances. This new track is already set to be another big track from Wiz Khalifa. For more information on Taylor Gang and who is in it check out the above link.

Day today episode 6 Wiz Khalifa on the tour bus clowning

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Taylor gang and wiz Khalifa are on the tour bus clowning around causing trouble, wiz khalifa tired to wake up a fellow taylor gang member. Wiz Khalifa also is clowning around with a fake bone hand and wearing a ski mask lol.

Wiz Khalifa Brings Out Diddy Video

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Wiz Khalifa Brings Out Diddy While Performing in Hollywood interesting video check it out now –

Wiz Khalifa Fights Security at Concert in Canada.

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Wiz khalifa has been involved in an argument with security at a recent concert in Canada basically security guards has a disagreement with something he said then wiz khalifa basically turned the whole crowd against these security guards, good move in my eyes because security guards some times try and act liek they run the […]